Welcome to Mulberry Presbyterian Church!

Some folks would say that we are “just a church.”  And that’s absolutely true… as far as it goes.  We’re just a group of disciples who gather to worship God and recognize that our faith is one of the most important parts of our lives.  We’re a bit traditional, a bit older than most, smaller in number than some… All those things that would make us “just another church.”

But beyond that word “just” above… We’re also one of those miracles that happens when people who think differently and hold different opinions on many things come together with Christ as our focus.   Some of us find ourselves slightly to the right of Genghis Khan in much of our outlook;  others of us think the word “liberal” is a badge of honor instead of a label.  But we all recognize and realize that we are a family where each and every member is both precious and priceless to what we are called to be together.  If all that means we’re “just” anything?  Yes… We’re all OK with that.

Welcome to this strange and wonderful place we call Mulberry!