Serving West Charlotte for over 130 years.

In the years immediately following the Civil War, many travelers headed to Charlotte from Gaston County and points west used the old Tuckaseegee Road.  Farmers gathered under a grove of Mulberry Trees on that road to spend the night to rest before going into Charlotte the next morning to sell their wares.  On October 4, 1888, 34 Presbyterians in the area gathered at that location to organize Mulberry Presbyterian Church.  Over 130 years later, people still come here for rest and renewal.

In January of 1889, a wooden church building was begun with volunteer labor under the supervision of Mr. Jacob Harkey on land donated by Mr. J. N. Rhyne.  On May 1, 1889, the new church was dedicated, debt free.  This wooden church served the people of Mulberry until a new red brick sanctuary was dedicated on March 17, 1929.  Since then, Mulberry has continued to grow in its service to the community.  In 1955, a west wing was added with twelve new classrooms, bathrooms and an office.  In 1964, a spacious east wing was added giving a large fellowship hall, kitchen, parlor and additional classrooms.

It should be noted how the Women of the Church have served as Mulberry’s strong backbone throughout the years.  Doing a large part of the fundraising with bake sales and an annual food booth at the county fair, they helped to pay the salaries and bought property across the street from the church where a manse was later built.  They have organized mission work, local and global, that Mulberry has participated in over the years.

With a peak membership of over 500, Mulberry has been a long standing influence in its community.  It had one of the longest running scout programs in the county from 1937 through the late 1990s.  Three of Mulberry’s children have grown up to become Presbyterian ministers.  Many of its members own businesses and are significant people in the community.  With 17 pastors having served this congregation in its history, Mulberry is still seeking ways to be a faithful witness to God and serve this community in ways that are just as faithful, exciting, and influential as its past. Mulberry Presbyterian Church has been the focal point of Tuckaseegee Road and the surrounding communities for over 130 years.  It is what it is today because of its dedicated, sacrificial people.  Some of the great grandchildren of its charter members are still active, hardworking members of the church.  Those who moved into the community later have added their dedication to the church.  We look forward to another century of serving God in the Charlotte community.