Join us for the Lenten Journey.

In addition to Sunday worship and Lenten devotionals, we will also be observing Lent with these opportunities:

Lenten Prayer every Tuesday evening at 7 PM:

Come join us for an hour of guided prayer, meditation, and reflection in the sanctuary on Thursday evenings. There will be printed guides for prayer requests as well as information on different prayer practices. (Centering prayer, “listening” prayer, experiential / tactile prayers, Lectio Divina, movement / posture prayer.) The Same type of Lenten Prayer will happen at Christ Presbyterian Church every Thursday at 7 PM, if you cannot join us at Mulberry on Tuesdays.)

We will have an online study (via Zoom) every Wednesday, discussing some of those “HOT BUTTON” issues Christians are afraid to touch.:

Our particular goal will be to discuss – both Biblically and theologically – some of the “3rd rail” issues on our day (abortion, racism, xenophobia, nationalism, politics) while exercising Christian civility and love. Contact us for more information and the Zoom link. (And CAUTION: This will very much be a “graduate level” discussion and learning event, and we will ask all participants to engage at the appropriate level.)