Our worship consists of our own eclectic mixture of reformed elements.  It may not work for everyone but it sure does for us.  Our worship services are traditional, but not overly formal; we use responsive litanies and unison prayers, sing traditional hymns and contemporary praise songs, include prayers of confession and assurance of pardon every time we gather, and recite affirmations that come from our Presbyterian / Reformed Heritage as found in our Book of Confessions.  We work at being intimate, but not intrusive; we believe that our pastoral prayers and intercessory prayer is among the highest “work” (and privilege) that any person can be called to as we lift up joys and concerns from anyone and everyone who asks.  Some parts of our worship have been used for millennia and we are regularly awed by our participation in such a faithful lineage.  Other parts, like our sharing of the peace of Christ with one another can appear to be a type of “free for all” where members try to make sure that they greet everyone in the name of our Lord. (The “traffic jam” usually happens in the center aisle about halfway between chancel and narthex!)

Worship with us and it might feel as comfortable as your favorite pair of slippers.  It might also be brand new.  One thing is certain:  You will be welcomed with open arms and invited to participate to whatever degree you feel comfortable with.

The attached file is a typical bulletin for Sunday worship.